Federico Zaina

I am a field archaeologist specialized in cultural heritage documentation, risk assessment and preservation.

My primary areas of interest span the Near East and the Mediterranean regions. Since 2004, I took part in more than 30 archaeological excavation seasons, 10 survey campaigns and 1 heritage conservation project in Italy, Albania, Turkey, Syria and Iraq.

While fieldwork represents a relevant component of my research and interest, over the last six years I expanded my interests towards multidisciplinary projects concerning the preservation and communication of cultural heritage, capacity building, damages assessment and preservation.

As a researcher of the past, I believe that it is our duty to contribute to heritage preservation and communication. This atlas is my little way to prove it.

You can find more about my research on archaeology and endangered cultural heritage here: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Federico-Zaina-2

Yasaman Nabati Mazloumi

I am a PhD candidate in archaeology at the University of Glasgow. My main focus revolves around endangered archaeology, cultural heritage and fragile landscapes in the MENA region.

I explore new technologies for monitoring and safeguarding cultural heritage including remote sensing of high-resolution modern satellite imagery and historical ones. To be more engaged with this research area, I undertook two different internships, one with the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Property Protection and Peace at Newcastle University and the other one at the EAMENA project.

My motto is “A city without old buildings is just like a man without memory”. We should care about our memory!

If you wish to know more about my research on archaeology and endangered cultural heritage check out this link: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Yasaman-Nabati-Mazloumi